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Nobilia Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

Our brand partner, Nobilia has some new kitchen design ideas for your living space! Read more about the exciting design features here.

Author: Audus Kitchens

Published: 13th Oct 2020

After a turbulent 2020, there’s no telling what 2021 has in store for us when it comes to holiday plans.

But, one thing is for sure. Audus Kitchens will be working hard behind the scenes, designing and fitting dream kitchens for the safe havens that are our homes.

And just as the world continues turning, new plans continue to be made, and fresh ideas are forming.

Our brand partner Nobilia is no exception, and we got pretty excited about browsing through their new brochure! So when it comes to new ideas for your living space, here’s what you CAN expect for 2021:

Anti-Fingerprint Technology

Image of a dark Nobilia kitchen design featuring innovative technology for reducing fingerprints and smudges on surfaces.

We love creating kitchens for real homes, which is why this innovative technology excites us! Using a special coating, fingerprints and smudges on your cupboard doors can now be a thing of the past.

It’s the perfect interplay of design and function that fits perfectly into ever-busier family homes.

New Industrial Lines

Image of an industrial kitchen design by Nobilia.

The industrial look has been a big hit this year, with exposed brick and metals being an increasingly popular kitchen choice. If you love the pure look of professional kitchens, you can now opt for a cool steel appearance – the whole space immediately takes on an urban yet timeless feel.

Nobilia has also increased its range of concrete and natural wood finishes, and of course, we are here to help you make the most of this trend if industrial is your thing.

Ceiling Height Kitchens

Image of a clean and modern countertop in the Nobilia kitchen design.

Image of a grey ceiling height kitchen design.

“More storage, please!” That’s something we’ve heard A LOT from our customers in the past six months.

And of course, as our families expand, the function of our kitchens needs to keep up. Ceiling-height kitchen furniture uses all available space and gives the illusion of a bigger, tidier room.

Easy Touch

As aesthetic as they are practical, these handleless kitchen doors require the lightest touch to open a little, making them easy to open fully. That smooth, sleek opening and closing is the perfect finishing touch to a kitchen.

Nobillia understands that no two families are the same, and design their kitchen furniture on that ethos. It’s why we love them, and we’re certain that you’ll love them too.

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