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Lighting your Kitchen

The right lighting can make or break a kitchen - get some inspiration from our recent projects.

Author: John Lindsey

Published: 12th Jun 2016

The right lighting can make or break your new kitchen - if you're spending time and money getting everything just so, don't leave lighting until the last minute. Make it part of your design, to not only show off the fabulous kitchen but also to make it easier and more enjoyable to cook! 

Natural Light

A good amount of natural light is always preferable - it gives everything a fresh appearance, just what you want in a kitchen. 

If you're having an extension for your new kitchen, think about including a skylight:

If a complete remodel isn't on the cards, make sure you keep your windows uncluttered - don't stack all your cookery books on the windowsill (talk to us about storage to help you keep everything tidy). Many people don't even have blinds in the kitchen, to keep the natural light unobstructed. 


Kitchen Island Lighting

If you have room for a kitchen island, it's the perfect place to include some subtle but effective lighting. These recessed lights change colour too, giving a really lovely effect:


Lights can also be integrated above the kitchen island, perhaps as part of the extractor, like in the example below. This puts a targeted light source above a high-use area. 

Under-Cupboard Lighting 

If you have cupboards above your work surfaces, under-cupboard lighting gives you task light where you need it, keeping your fingers safe from chopping and dicing! It's also a great way to add light to a kitchen that has a lot of units, to keep things looking bright and fresh.  


Floor-Level Lighting

Floor-level lighting is an excellent way to increase the overall light levels in your kitchen. They add a subtle but effective increase in light, and can even be used to create mood lighting if you turn the overhead lights off. 

In the example below, there are actually no windows in the kitchen, so floor-level lighting adds some much-needed ambience to the room. 


Choose Wisely, Choose Design

Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house, so getting the lighting right can be the difference between it being an enjoyable place to spend time, cook, and entertain, and it just not feeling right. Dim lights or lights in the wrong places can make cooking into a chore, so think about lighting from the time you start designing your kitchen. 

We've got a whole range of examples of different lighting options we've installed for our many happy clients, so come and talk to us about your kitchen and make sure you get the right light.