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Kitchen Design Ideas to Steal from Professional Kitchens

Take a leaf out of the professional kitchen playbook, and design your space using these insider tips.

Author: John Lindsey

Published: 17th Jan 2017

If you're planning a kitchen redesign this year, why not take a leaf out of the professionals' book? Pro kitchens are designed to be as easy as possible to cook in, so try incorporating some of their features into your domestic kitchen for a fantastic space that works with you. 

Space Planning

Commercial kitchens are laid out to make it easy for multiple chefs to work alongside each other, with plenty of workspace and a layout that anticipates the regular traffic patterns. 

If you like to cook with someone else, a partner, friend, or family member, design your kitchen to avoid collisions. We can help you plan out optimum widths and spaces to make shared cooking spaces as safe as possible. 

Safety Features

Talking of safety... Professional kitchens always have a fire blanket (or fire extinguisher) easily accessible, as well as a conveniently located first aid kit. Keep those safety features in mind when planning your kitchen. 

Food safety is another area where professional kitchens have a lot to teach us. Avoiding cross contamination is vital, so chefs have multiple chopping boards - never use the raw meat board for your vegetables, and keep pungent foods like onions, strong herbs, and garlic to their own board (that way your dessert will never have that unexpected hint of garlic). 


Open Shelving

This is one of those things that definitely should be adapted for the domestic kitchen rather than necessarily adopted wholeheartedly. Commercial kitchens often use open shelving for plates and serving dishes so that they're easy to grab and there are no cupboard doors left open to trip up other people. 


In the home kitchen, open shelves can look fantastic, but keep in mind how often you use each item on display. If those serving dishes only get used for big gatherings once or twice a year, leaving them out in the open might mean they'll need washing before you next use them. Display items that you use often, or that add to the style and ambience of your kitchen, and put the rarely-used items in beautiful cupboards to keep them clean and fresh for when you next need them. 


If you have the space, and intend to do a lot of cooking, creating specific zones in your kitchen can be a delight. Start with a food prep zone where you keep the knives and chopping boards, a cooking zone with the hob, ovens, and microwave, and a cleaning zone. If you can, add a "sweet" zone for baking - an insert in your worktop could give you a nice, cool surface for pastry or chocolate-making, but if you bake a lot, then perhaps a warm area for proving bread doughs?

Create spaces for you to do the type of cooking you enjoy. Restaurant kitchens have designated zones, why shouldn't you? 

Combine the features you love

Just because something works in a commercial kitchen, doesn't mean it'll be right for you - the best way to get the perfect kitchen for the way you want to use it is to speak to a professional. We can help you combine the features you want into a kitchen that does what you need, within the space you have available.

If you'd like to talk to someone about your ideal kitchen, give us a call or come and visit one of our showrooms and we'd be delighted to help.