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Designing a Kitchen that's Perfect for Entertaining

Layout, cooking areas, drinks on tap or seating... How to design a kitchen that's perfectly built and structured for entertaining all your family and friends.

Author: Audus Kitchens

Published: 7th Oct 2016

Anyone who has ever done any entertaining knows that people will always gravitate towards the kitchen. It's the law of any party. So whether you enjoy large gatherings, intimate dinner parties, or just having a friend or two over for drinks, why not start by making your kitchen the hub it should be?


If you plan to spend time entertaining, getting the right layout is crucial. Think about how you use the space now, what works and what doesn't, and what you'd like to change. 

If you have the space for one, a kitchen island is perfect when you have guests - you can prepare food without having your back to the room, keeping the chef part of the party. 

A kitchen island with a raised section and tall stools can be a perfect place for guests to congregate, while blocking the slightly messier food-prep area from view. If you don't have room for a full separate island, a "peninsular" (island that's attached to one wall but extends out into the room) works brilliantly for this. 

Cooking Choices

The right choice of oven and hob can make a big difference to entertaining. Choose a double oven if you can - the extra space makes cooking for company so much easier (especially at Christmas when the turkey always takes up more space than you plan for). Mid-height ovens also make life easier, saving all the bending and crouching you get with a floor-level oven. 

If you have room for a kitchen island, you could choose to have your hob on the island so you can cook while still partaking in the party.

Drinks on Tap

No matter what sort of party you enjoy, having easy access to drinks is always a good plan. Integrating a drinks fridge into your layout is perfect for anyone who entertains regularly. 

Or why not create your own bar, like another of our clients did? 


When you have people over, it's always nice to have a few features that are designed to impress. Like a fireplace to make your dinner party even more cosy:

Or a quirky but useful touch, like remote controlled lighting:

Concealing clutter is another great feature that makes perfect sense for entertaining - hide your appliances without having to put them in out of reach areas, like this coffee machine hidden behind sleek shutters:

Get help

If you're planning a kitchen remodel or upgrade and you want to make sure it fits your entertainment aspirations, get the help of a good kitchen designer (might we suggest ourselves?) to ensure you get all the features you want - as well as a few more you might not even have thought of yet.