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6 Kitchen Design Hacks for a Modern Kitchen

Our top 6 design hacks to create a beautiful, modern, functional kitchen

Author: John Lindsey

Published: 17th Aug 2016

Kitchen design should combine function with style, giving you a kitchen that works for you while looking perfect. Our kitchen design hacks help you get the best look and the most useable kitchen at the same time...

#1 Use drawers in tall cupboards to create a pantry - never lose something at the far reaches of the top shelf again, everything is easy to access.  

#2 Use drawers with pegs to keep your dishes neatly organised and easy to reach

#3 Use narrow spaces to create interesting pull-out drawers for condiments you use every day, or hide your teatowel stash

#4 Integrate a wine fridge into your breakfast bar/kitchen island

#5 Use stacking drawers to keep a streamlined look with plenty of storage and organisation

#6 Use a pull out drawer to hide your rubbish and recycling bins